Argo boat design

Argo vessel

The Argo vessel, which is intended to navigate still waters, has been designed specifically for the river navigation.
Its principal objective is to enable people to enjoy a pleasant ride along the river Ljubljanica. The boat’s open design eases the transition between its interior and exterior and, at the same time, harmonizes with the river banks. The central position of tables and benches along the middle of the boat, as well as the possibility of strolling around the deck,  are of vital importance and enable clear views around and from the boat. The designer was inspired by the number of historic sources and folk traditions on the river.



Modular system of industrially manufactured building components

Modular system of industrially manufactured building components

The starting point of the project is creating a modular complex of elements, which contains an integrated fittings and is industrially produced from advanced materials. The advantages over the existing methods of the construction would be: quick installation, the possibility of subsequent changing of the layout and adaptation to the new requirements of the user.
The purpose of the project is a new industrial approach to the construction of residential architecture.
The developed modular method of construction is based on dry construction, which consists of light fiberglass modules. The modules are constructed within a network, both horizontally and vertically, where the base unit is a module 1 m x 1 m. Master’s thesis presents the modules, which form rectangular areas, and are from the viewpoint of architecture the most essential. Creating new shapes of modules is similar to Lego bricks, where the selection of different shapes of bricks is getting wider and wider, thus allowing many new possibilities of the construction.
The concept of modular construction presents an architecture which responds to the needs of the user and is therefore never final.

Stainless steel charcoal grill design

Slide grill

The concept of the barbecue charcoal grill with a sliding lid, which I first designed and produced in 2010 at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (Staatliche Akademie für den Bildenden Kunst) in Stuttgart, Germany, proved to be successful in practice. Control over the circulation  of hot air by means of a two-part sliding lid allows the preparation of food  grilled over open flame to the user’s desired flame temperature.

Hand made bird feeder wood design

Bird feeder

This handmade bird feeder was manufactured in the valley of Ribnica with long and rich tradition of making wooden artefacts. The shape of the feeder is light — as if it was floating in the air — symbolizing the flight of birds.

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